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Sunday, August 22, 2010

SharePoint Tutorial 1 - Team Sites

Team sites are small web sites that are created to store documents, information and data about a particular thing. For example a site can be created for a department in an organization like human resources. A site can be created for a project or a site can even be created for a meeting. The point is that everything for the department, project, meeting or anything else is stored in it's own site. This makes it easy for people to work and share and it makes it easier to secure.

This is how a new team site looks like:

A site can also have sub-sites. For example, the information technology department may have a site and then have sub-sites for each team in the department. One for application development, network and communications.

Creating a Site

To create a site, click the 'Site Actions' box at the top-right side of the page and click the 'Create' option

Select the 'Sites and Workspaces' link on the following page.

On the following page you'll enter information for the site such as the title, description and the type of site.

You can choose from a variety of site templates. Each template has it's own configuration of pages, libraries and lists. The 'Blank Site' is empty and you have to add components after creating a site from it.

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