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Monday, August 23, 2010

SharePoint Tutorial 3-Web Parts

A page in SharePoint is comprised of web parts that exist within zones on a page. Web parts are components that come either out-of-the-box in SharePoint, or are available from third party vendors or custom developed by SharePoint developers. A web part can be re-used throughout the pages within a SharePoint site or in some cases across sites.

For example in the page below there are four web part highlighted by different colors. The purple web part displays a short list of the new announcements stored in the annoucements library. The pink web part displays events from a calendar within the site. The green web part displays an image from a location the user specifies. The gray web part displays a list of links from the links list on the site.

Configuring a Web Part

To configure a web part click the down arrow next to it and select 'Modify Shared Web Part'.

This will bring up a section on the right side of the form with the web part's settings. Click the 'OK' button 
when complete.

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