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Friday, October 29, 2010

Important pioints to SharePoint

Hi Friends, I thought to share some points in SharePoint, which is very usefull in interviews and to update the sharepoint knowledge. 

I will update the points frequently and i'm expecting a comments from you with some more points .. Please Share Points .. :)..  

--> SharePoint is all about data and data should properly authenticated / authorized to proper users.

--> when a page is requested it first checks in the document table and then goes to the content table to load the page. If it does not find data of the page it goes to the file directory to load the page. This loading is done by ASP.NET runtime himself. But if there is data present in the content table then it’s loaded by the ‘safe mode’ parser.

--> Ghosting (UnCustomized) and UnGhosting (Customized) in WSS 3.0

--> pages which are loaded from the file system are termed as ghosted pages.

--> If the page data is loaded from the content database then it’s termed as unghosted pages.

--> Template is stored in a cache. This definitely brings in performance and flexibility.

--> Site pages are customized pages and are saved in to content database.

--> Application pages are generic pages which will be used by all the sites in a site collection.

--> two types of databases one is the content database (like: WSS_Content ) and the other is the configuration database (like: SharePoint_Config).

--> WSS works with IIS : Using the HttpHandlers and HttpModules request is first passed through the Share Point runtime and then passed to the ASP.NET runtime (aspnet_isapi.dll). 

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  1. Awesome article. All the points that you have listed about SharePoint are really good and helped me to update my knowledge about this tool. I am currently studying about various schemes that are used to authenticate/authorize data. This article is of great use to me. Thanks for sharing it.
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