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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Web Part Life Cycle in MOSS 2007

1. OnInit: event used to create controls of web part
2. OnLoad:
3. CreateChildControls: event used to set properties and default values to controls collection
  • If the page is being rendered for the first time the method generally occurs after the OnLoad event.
  • If it is Postback, It is called before OnLoad event.
  • EnsureChildControls: It checks to see if the CreateChildControls method has yet been called, and if it has not, calls it.
4. LoadViewState: The view state of the web part is populated over here.
5. OnPreRender: event used to set up business logic related work and in this routine controls value kept by viewstate
6. Render: event creates the HTML that appears in the body of the Web Part.
7. OnUnload:
8. Dispose:

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