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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Browser enabled InfoPath form and MOSS Approval Workflow...

a. Re-publish your InfoPath form template as an Administrator-approved form template

1. Open the Info Path form template in design mode.
2. On the “File” menu, click “Publish”.
3. Choose “To a SharePoint server with or without InfoPath Forms Services” and click “Next”.
4. Enter the URL to your SharePoint site and click “Next”.
5. Choose “ Administrator-approved form template (advanced)” and click “Next”.
6. Enter the path to your desktop or another convenient local location and click “Next”.
7. Complete the publishing wizard.

b. Upload the Administrator-approved form template to SharePoint and activate it.

1. On the MOSS 2007 server, open the “SharePoint Central Administration” site.
2. On the “Application Management” tab, choose “Upload Form Template” from the “InfoPath Forms Services” section.
3. Upload the form template that you published in step 1.
4. On the “Application Management” tab, choose “Manage Form Templates” from the “infoPath Forms Services section.
5. Select the form template you just uploaded, and choose “Activate to a Site Collection”.
6. Select the SharePoint site collection where you want to use the form, and click “OK”.

c. Set the SharePoint Form library to use the administrator-approved form template.

1. Browse to the SharePoint form library where you want to use the newly uploaded form template.
2. On the “Settings” menu, click “Form Library Settings”.
3. Click “Advanced Settings”.
4. Set “Allow management of content types” to “Yes”.
5. Back on the settings page, click “Add from existing site content types”.
6. Select the form template from the list of available site content types and click “Add”. Then click “OK”.
7. Click “Change new button order and default content type”.
8. Make the new content type the default by moving it to position 1. Click “OK”.
9. If the library has existing forms in it, use the “Relink documents to this Library” command on the “Settings” page to bind them to the administrator-approved form template.

d. Grant users “View Only” permissions to the site collection’s “Form Templates” library.

1. Browse to the SharePoint site collection where you activated the form template in Step 2.
2. Click ‘View All Site Content” and then click the “Form Templates” library from the list of “Document Libraries”.
3. On the “Settings” menu, clickDocument Library Settings”.
4. Click “Permissions for this document library”.
5. On the “Actions” menu, click “Edit Permissions”. This will cause this document library to have unique permissions that are not inherited from the parent site.
6. Select all the users and groups in the list of permissions and then click “Edit User Permissions” on the “Actions” menu.
7. Give all users “View Only” permissions and remove all other permission levels. Click “OK”.

Once you have performed these steps, the InfoPath form should open in the browser when opened from a workflow hyperlink or link in email sent by workflow. Note that
users who have Administrator permissions on the SharePoint server will still see the form open in the rich client. This is because their machine permissions override the “View Only” permissions set in step d.

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