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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TCS Sharepoint Interview Questions

1) Difference between WSS 2.0 , WSS 3.0 , MOSS 2007 ? 

2) Difference between Windows Sharepoint Services and Portal Services ? 

3) How to deploy and debug Webparts in Sharepoint ? 

4) How can we apply Authentication in MOSS 2007 ? 

5) How to use dataview webpart in Sharepoint Designer (SPD) 2007 ? 

6) How to customize XSLT code in Dataview Webaprts using Sharepoint Designer (SPD) 2007 ? 

7) Which provider is better in Visual Studio ? like OLEDB and Sqlserver . 

8) How to integrate Active directory user to public site(internet site) 

9) Which Workflow are used in Sharepoint Designer , how can i executed WorkFlow ? 

10) How can i get List of items in your site using API coding ? 

11) what are Inner Joins give me the example . 

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  2. Thanks for this. There is also a good collection of Interview Questions Interview Questions on SharePoint