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Friday, November 12, 2010

Web parts in MOSS 2007

Web parts in MOSS 2007 are broadly categorized as

1. List and Library Web Parts
2. Business Data Web Parts
3. Content Rollup Web Parts
4. Dashboard Web Parts
5. Filter Web Parts
6. Miscellaneous Web Parts

Contact Details :
Displays information about a contact for the page or site.

Content Editor Web Part :
Places rich text, tables, or images directly on to a page.

Form Web Part :
Connects simple form controls to other Web Parts.

Image Web Part :
Displays a single image.

Page Viewer Web Part :
Displays linked content such as a file, folder, or web page. This content is separated from the rest of the page.

Relevant Documents :
Displays documents relevant to the current user.

Site Users :
Displays a list of the users of the current site and their online status.

User Tasks :
Displays tasks assigned to the current user.

XML Web Part: 
Use this for XML and XSL Transformation. 

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