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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sandboxed solution cannot do

A SharePoint Server solution must contain the configuration file that is named manifest.xml, and may also contain additional configuration files and assemblies. If the solution will run in a sandbox, the assembly and configuration files are limited in what they can contain.

The following list identifies the most common things that an assembly that will run in a sandbox cannot do.

  • Connect to resources that are not located on the local server.
  • Access a database.
  • Change the threading model.
  • Call unmanaged code.
  • Write to disk.
  • Access resources in a different site collection.
The manifest.xml file refers to feature files; feature files refer to element files; and element files contain feature elements. The only feature elements that are permitted in a sandboxed solution are:

  • ContentType
  • Field
  • CustomAction
  • Module
  • ListInstance
  • ListTemplate
  • Receivers
  • WebTemplate
  • WorkflowAssociation
  • PropertyBag
  • WorkflowActions  

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