Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Logica CMG Sharepoint Interview Questions.

Interview Location is Hyderabad.
Work Location is Chennai

Total Rounds:  4

1st Round:  Communication Round

2nd Round: Written Test(Sharepoint)

21 Ouestions. Time Duration:30 Minutes

3rd Round: Technical(Telephonic from Chennai)

* What is the Webpart Development and Deployment in Sharepoint 2007/2010.How to do Step by Step.

* What is the Site Definitation? How to do?

* What is Feature and Feature Stappling?

* How to generate the WSP in Moss 2007?

* Difference between Site Definition and Site Template?

* What is the meaning of Ghosting and Unghosting in Sharepoint?

* What is the Extend Web Application?When your creating the extend Web application,it will store the same database or create any  new database?

* How to deploy SilverLight Web part in Sharepoint 2010?

*What is Powershell?Comparision between Stsadm and Powershelll?Which one is better?

* What is IFS(Infopath Form Service).How to publish the Forms to Sharepoint site?

* Site Pages and Application Pages?

* Sharepoint Programming.

* Sharepoint 2010 Architecture..

4th Round; HR Round.

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