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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tecnics Integration Technologies Sharepoint Interview Questions

Total Rounds: 3
2 Technical,1 HR.

1st Round:

Q)What is Feature and its Deployment Types?
Q)About WSP builder?
Q)What is feature.xml and element.xml?
Q)Write a program to enter the items in Sharepoint List?and How to add the Users in your Current Site?
Q)What is DDF? and About solution packages?
Q)Event Handlers?
Q)Search Configuration and Excel Services Configuration in MOSS 2007?
Q)What about Service accounts?
Q)What are the pillers of sharepoint?
Q)Infopath forms?
Q)How many ways to create workflows?Which is the best?
Q)What is the Base Class of the Webpart? and About Content Editot Webpart?

2nd Round....

Q) About your Project details and roles & responsbilites?
Q) What is the Sandbox Solutions?Why we are using that?
Q) Migration from MOSS 2007 to Sharepoint 2010?How many types?Which one is the best?
Q) Authentication Types in Sharepoint 2010?
Q) What is  the Alternate Access Mapping?
Q) Write a program to retraive the data from all lists in sharepoint?
Q) What is the managed path?
Q) Difference between Shared Service Provider and Shared Service Application?
Q) How to publish the content type in Sharepoint 2010
Q) What is the Managed meta data Service?
Q) Difference between  list and Library?
Q) How to move the list from one site to another site?
Q) How to move the data from Development server to Production server?
Q) What is the Runwith Elivated Privilliages?
Q) Error handling or coding in infopath?
Q)How to access the LINQ in Sharepoint 2010?
Q) How to deploy Silverlight Webparts?
Q) Issues on Migration and How to solve that?


3 rd Round...

About CTC....

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