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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Could not find Feature S2SiteAdmin, While Importing sites from Different Server at SharePoint

SharePoint’s Stsadm -o Import is a Powerful Command line Functionality that we use for importing site. Import option is very helpful and fast but can be tricky sometime. I had an issue while importing site from different server which I would like to explain below.

was working on a SharePoint Intranet Development. After finishing Development work I was moving sites to the UAT environment for testing. While using Stsadm -o import I got a huge error saying “FatalError: Could not find Feature S2SiteAdmin”.

Steps I have done:

I took help from my Google buddy and got few blogs regarding the issue I have faced. That’s where it gets tricky. It is very important to fine the exact reason for the issue to solve it faster. I have taken following step by step approach-

Make sure both the server have same version.
You might need to install “Infrastructure Update for Microsoft Office Servers (KB951297)”. It can be downloaded here. (
Then my friend  suggested me the usual reason for this problem is that some sites in the site collection have features assigned where the feature is not installed in the server farm. The main problem here is that you cannot easily identify which features are missing as the missing features are not reported in the error message. And he is so right I was having this issue just because the feature “S2SiteAdmin” was missing at my UAT Environment.
You can check the feature folder on the destination machine found at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES and see if the feature “S2SiteAdmin” is there.

If the feature IS NOT there then copy it from the same folder on the source machine.

If the feature IS there then the problem may be that the feature is either not installed or not activated. To do this run the following commands

To install feature

stsadm –o installfeature –filename <path of the Feature.xml file relative to the 12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES folder >

To activate feature

stsadm –o activatefeature –name < folder in FEATURES directory containing the Feature.xml file > -url


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