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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Difference between Sandboxed and Form Solutions in Sharepoint 2010

A Comparison of Farm and Sandboxed Solutions

Assemblies are placed in the GAC or in the Bin directory of a SharePoint web application.
Assemblies placed in the GAC are fully trusted,whereas assemblies placed in the bin directoryof a web application can be partially trusted. 

Assembly execution takes place in the web Server process (w3wp.exe).
Any assemblies associated with a solutionare extracted, kept in memory, and executed within a special worker process called SPUCWorkerProcess.exe. This isolates
the execution of sandboxed solutions from the Operations of the underlying web process.
Solutions must be installed and deployed by a farm administrator
Solutions can be installed and deployed by asite administrator
There are no limitations on which SharePoint classes and objects can be used in farm solution Assemblies.
Developers must leverage a subset of the SharePoint API when developing sandboxed Solutions.
Solutions will use however many server resources are necessary.
Farm administrators have the ability to throttleThe server resources used by a given solution.

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