Monday, December 19, 2011

How to find the list GUID or the ListBaseUrl

Insert webpart on NewForm, DispForm or EditForm:

Add “toolpaneview=2″ behind the URL in this format:

This sets the page in edit-mode and you can add webparts as if it was any other page.

Have you broken your page by adding a faulty script?
Add “?contents=1″ behind the URL and you can delete any webpart from your page.

Find List Guid or view Guid:

In the list view – right click and view source. Then search for “ctx.Listname”.
The Guid looks like this:
The view Guid is found by searching for “ctx.view” and looks similar to the list Guid above.

Find FieldInternalName:

Open NewForm, EditForm or DispForm. Right click and view source.
 Then search for your field’s DisplayName and you will find the fields FieldInternalName like this:

<!-- FieldName="This is the DisplayName"

The fields InternamName never changes and is therefore the safest method of identifying a field.
Find the “BaseUrl” of a website:
Go to any page in the web, right click and view source. Search for the variable “L_Menu_BaseUrl”. The variables value it the “BaseUrl”.

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  1. The part about "Find List Guid or view Guid" is not working in SharePoint 2016 MySites...

    ctx.Listname is nowhere to be found in the page source for my list.

    Either this doesn't work for a MySite (it could be that it never worked before) or things have changed in SharePoint 2016.