Sunday, February 26, 2012

Set Focus Controls - AutoPostBack = true Using Java Script

Every time user’s complaints me about page scroll issues. 
For example: If a lengthy page having a dropdown list with AutoPostBack = true at bottom of page. After the selection page gets reloaded and focus will be on top of the page. User needs to again scroll down the page for next key in. Here a sample solution for help... 
public void SetFocus(Page sPage)
        string[] sCtrl = null;
        string sCtrlId = null;
        Control sCtrlFound = default(Control);
        string sCtrlClientId = null;
        string sScript = null;
        sCtrl = sPage.Request.Form.GetValues("__EVENTTARGET");
        if ((sCtrl != null))
            sCtrlId = sCtrl[0];
            sCtrlFound = sPage.FindControl(sCtrlId);
            if ((sCtrlFound != null))
                sCtrlClientId = sCtrlFound.ClientID;
 sScript = "<SCRIPT language='javascript'>document.getElementById('" + sCtrlClientId + "').focus(); if (document.getElementById('" + sCtrlClientId + "').scrollIntoView(false)) {document.getElementById('" + sCtrlClientId + "').scrollIntoView(true)} </SCRIPT>";
 sPage.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(typeof(string), "controlFocus", sScript);
Call this function on page load
Example: SetFocus(this);

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  1. I want to display field based in other value field. I found a link explain how to do that with CPWE but it's does'nt work . can you help me please