Sunday, February 26, 2012

To Prevent Browser BACK button click after SignOut Using JavaScript

There are so many threads open related to this issue.
After sign out when the user press BACK button on the browser, it gets him to the members page.
Logicaly, it's done on the client side and we cannot do much from the code-behind. So, in order to prevent Browser BACK button click after SignOut, we have to use some javascript.
The first and easiest approach to acomplish this is by using the following javascript code:

<body onload="javascript:window.history.forward(1);">

 This code should be placed on the <body> tag of the Members page where Log out button appears.
The problem is that this code will work perfectly on IE (Internet Explorer) but won't work at all for Mozilla Firefox 3.x versions.
So, in order to make this work on Mozilla Firefox, I've prepared Javascript function which is:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">  
function disableBackButton()

window.onpageshow=function(evt) { if(evt.persisted) disableBackButton() } 
window.onunload=function() { void(0) } 

then call noBack() function on <body> on the following way:

<body onload="noBack();">
This code will not let the user get BACK after Sign out.

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