Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Configure the Master Data Service in SQL Server 2008 R2


Master Data Services (MDS) is a new SQL 2008 R2 component that will help your organization effectively manage master data in a centralized location.

Master Data Services uses business rules to create basic workflow solutions. You can automatically update and validate data and have e-mail notifications sent based on conditions you specify. Business rules in Master Data Services are intended to manage the most common workflow scenarios.

If your workflow needs require more complex event processing, such as multi-tiered approvals or complex decision trees, you can configure Master Data Services(MDS) to send data to a custom assembly that you create, or to SharePoint to start a SharePoint workflow. 

Each time you apply the start Workflow business rule to your entity, records that meet the business rule conditions are passed to the Service Broker queue of the Master Data Services database(MDS). At regular intervals, the SQL Server MDS Workflow Integration service calls a stored procedure in the Master Data Services database. This stored procedure pulls the records from the Service Broker queue and passes them to the workflow component that you specify.

Important Note: The MDS(Master Data Services) Workflow Integration service that calls your custom workflow code is meant to trigger simple processes. If your custom code requires complex processing, complete your  processing either in a separate thread or outside of the MDS(Master Data Services) workflow process.


Before configuring Master Data Services to work with a workflow, you must have the following software available:

·         1. SQL Server 2008 R2 Master Data Services November CTP or later

·         2. Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 Beta 2 Ultimate or later

This software will be installed in the following procedures.


To send master data from Master Data Services to a workflow, you will complete the following steps.

For more information: Master Data Services documentation Master Data Services developer center

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