Friday, June 29, 2012

Repeating Sections with People Picker in Infopath 2010

An InfoPtah 2010 form consist of a repeating section,

In this section Three  People/Group picker controls exists. Evenry time I open this form in the web, I cannot seem to validate/resolve the users. A Script error is shows:

Message: 'EntityEditor_UseContentEditableControl' is undefined.

Apparently this has someting to do with the fact that the controls are hidden by default. I am not sure but my collegue is using repeating tables and does not have the same errors, so perhaps

 Resolve the issue.

For me I just had to open the first section by default so that on loading the form, all the controls are visible.

Go to:
File->Form Options -> Advanced ->Edit Default Values
check the box in front of the repeating section that holds the people picker.

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