Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 Interview Questions

Intelli Group

1. How can u create a customwebparts through vs2005 ? tell me the stepwise

2 .Tell me abt contentEditor Webpart..?

3. Tell me the Base class Methods in developing a webpart..?

4. What is the use of create child controls()..?

5. How can we configure the Enterprise search ? tell me the steps..?

6. Did u use any Webusrcontrls in ur project..? can u tell me the differences between Webparts and webuserconrols…?

7. What is the use of ” Using” clause…?
8. write the coding for creating a customlist say order list , that list should be populate with orders table ..?

9. How to Deploy the sharepoint designer workflows from dev server to production server?

10. difference between SPSite , SPWeb..?

11.  h’w can u create the Custom fields ..?

12. wat is the use of BDC..? DID u write any BDC code in ur project ../

13. wat r the features..? did u create any features in ur project…? wat r the feature classes that u used

14. can u tell me the steps to deploy the SPSite to production through the Sharepoint Solution ?

15.  is it possible to set the permissions levels on list and libraires by using sp object model…?

16. Define content types…?

17. what r the work flows that u r created in ur project…?

Canu tell me the steps to create the work flows throguh Sharepoint desingers..?

18. can u tel me abt the event Handlers..?

19. what is meant by “RunwithElevatedPrivillages..?

20. Can u tell me h’w to install a feature(command) ..?

Sharepoint Interview Questions 

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  1. In english...

    1. Can you tell me the steps to create a custom webpart using vs2005?

    2. Tell me about the ContentEditor webpart?

    3. What are the base class methods when developing a webpart?

    4. What does CreateChildControls() do?

    5. Can you please tell me the steps involved in configuring the Enterprise search?

    6. Have you used any web UserControls in your project? Can you tell me the differences between webparts and web UserControls?

    7. What is the ”Using” clause for and when should use it?

    8. What is the code for creating a customlist called "ordersList" that is populated from the Orders table?

    9. How can you deploy SharePoint Designer workflows from the dev server to the production server?

    10. What are the differences between SPSite and SPWeb?

    11. How can you create custom fields in SharePoint?

    12. What is the use of BDC? Have you ever written any BDC code in your projects?

    13. What are features in SharePoint? Have you ever created any features? If yes, what feature classes did you use?

    14. Can you please tell me the steps required to deploy an SPSite to production using a Sharepoint Solution package?

    15. Is it possible to set the permissions levels on lists and document libraries by using the SharePoint object model?

    16. What is a Content Type? What are the Content Types in SharePoint?

    17. Have you created any workflows? Give some examples of workflows you have created in your projects.

    Can you tell me the steps to create a workflow in SharePoint Designer?

    18. What can you tell me about event handlers?

    19. What is meant by “RunWithElevatedPrivileges"?

    20. Can you tell me how to install a feature(command)?