Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sharepoint Interview Questions

1.  Have u ever worked on Master page..? What is the use of master page..? Can u tell me , I want to put the
Dropdown control in master page, and this dropdown control should populate the data from database..?

2. H’w can u create and deploy the workflows by using Visualstudio 2005, tell me the stepwise

3. Can u tell me how to create the HRLeaveapproval workflow by using SPDesinger..?

4. What is the use of infopathforms.? I have the List called ”Employees”,in that there is a Field called ” Department”, I want to Fill the Department names in the infopathform control ( eg: Take the Dropdown control , iwant to fill this Department names in Dropdowncontrol)

5. 10 users entering the data in infopath forms and submit the data, now I want to generate the reports for those 10 users, how can u do this ..?

6.  What is the use of BDc…?

7. How can u Configure the Enterprise Search ..?

8.  What are the Base class methods u used in developing custom webparts..?

9. H’w many ways u can deploy the custom webparts ? with out install in GAC, is there any other way to deploy ..?
10.  About Execl Services,

11. Feature event receivers Classes…?

12.  What is the use of “Run with elevated Previliages”…?

Sharepoint Interview Questions 

Sharepoint Interview Question and Answers