Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to Configure the Trace Logs to save seven days of events in MOSS 2007

Configure the trace log to save seven days of events.

1. In Central Administration, on the Operations tab, in the Logging and Reporting section, click Diagnostic logging.
2. On the Diagnostic Logging page, in the Trace Log section, do the following:
3. In the Number of log files box, type 336.In the Number of minutes to use a log file box, type 30.
To save 10,080 minutes (seven days) of events, you can use any combination of number of log files and minutes to store in each log file.
4. Ensure that the path specified in the Path box has enough room to store the extra log files or change the path to another location.
5. We recommend that you store log files on a hard drive partition that is used to store log files only.
6. Click OK.
Trace log files can help you to troubleshoot issues related to configuration changes of either the Office SharePoint Server Search service or the Windows SharePoint Services Search service. Because problems related to configuration changes are not always immediately discovered, we recommend that you save all trace log files that the system creates on any day that you make any configuration changes related to either search service. Store these log files for an extended period of time in a safe location that will not be overwritten. See step 3 in the previous procedure to determine the location that the system stores trace log files for your system.

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