Monday, July 1, 2013

Workflow Manager 4.0 in SharePoint 2013 Workflows

SharePoint 2013 does not include the Workflow system as SharePoint 2010. To use SharePoint 2013 workflow, you have to get the Workflow Manager 4.0 on Microsoft Product download and create a new Workflow manager farm. 
This system permits to host different SharePoint services in Cloud like Windows Azure. You can just have your SharePoint 2013 farm in your company and deploy Office Web Apps and Workflow Manager for example in Windows Azure Cloud infrastructure.

You can use SharePoint 2010 Workflows too! In fact, SharePoint 2013 kept SharePoint 2010 Workflow service integrated. 

If you want to configure the new SharePoint 2013 service, following this steps:

Step 1

Install on your farm workflow manager 1.0 on Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Step 2

You should create new Services Bus Farm required by Workflow Farm. If you have already a Service Bus farm you can just attach it with "Join an existing Farm " option. If you want to create new farm just select the first option with " Using default settings ".

Specify your SQL server instance, Service account and passphrase. Passphrase must have alphanumeric characters.

After this screen, the wizard generate summary of Service Bus farm configuration. Check if the configuration is correct and continue.

Step 3
The workflow manager farm is ready to use. To work with SharePoint 2013 farm, we need to link the SharePoint 2013 to Workflow manager farm. This operation can be realized in PowerShell term.
This operation depends on your configuration architecture of your SharePoint farm & Workflow farm.

Your SharePoint will use the HTTP protocol for communication with workflow manager farm:

Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite "" –WorkflowHostUri "" –AllowOAuthHttp

Your SharePoint will use HTTPS for communication with workflow manager farm:

Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite "" –WorkflowHostUri ""

Just replace the SPSite Uri and workflow host Uri with your farm information’s and execute this command in your PowerShell term.

Step 4
If your farm configuration is correct and if the link procedure between SharePoint and Workflow Manager farm’s is correct, you will see new configuration possibility in you SharePoint central administration named workflow service.
You can just create by SharePoint designer for example, a new workflow 2013.

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