Monday, September 2, 2013

To Reset the SharePoint 2010 themes using Power shell

In this following example, to resetting the theme(s) for an entire Site Collection. If one any child Sites within the Site Collection have a custom theme then they’ll be updated, not just the root (inheritance will not be changed):

PS C:\> Reset-SPTheme -Site http://siteurl/

In this next example ,to  resetting all child Sites to inherit whatever theme has been specified for the root Site and I’m updating the root Site’s theme with changes to the source files:

PS C:\> Reset-SPTheme -Site http://siteurl/ -SetSubWebsToInherit

For this last example, to resetting the theme of a specific sub-Site:

PS C:\> Reset-SPTheme -Web http://siteurl/

As you can see, this is pretty easy to use and, if you’re deploying your branding via Features and you have theme support then a cmdlet like this can be quite critical when you need to push out updates to that brand.

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