Friday, October 14, 2016

How to access to Access request List in SharePoint Online

Browse to the Access Requests list in Internet Explorer/Chrome.

Step 1 : Press F12 to open the F12 Developer Tools window.
Step 2 : Click the Network tab, and then press F5 to enable network traffic capturing.
Step 3 : Refresh the Access Requests page in Internet Explorer. After the page has loaded, press Shift+F5 to stop capturing network traffic.
Step 4 : In the Developer Tools window, double-click the first result in the URL list. This URL ends in "pendingreq.aspx."
Step 5 :In the Developer Tools window, click Response body.
Step 6 :In the search box, type pagelistid:, and then press Enter.

Note : The search highlights the pageListId text.
Copy the GUID that follows the pageListId. The GUID will be between an opening brace ( { ) character and a closing brace ( } ) character as follows:

Note Include the opening and closing brace characters when you copy the GUID. This GUID is the identifier for the SharePoint Online Access Requests list for your organization.
Step 7 : In the browser address bar, enter https://<URL<URL of affected site or site collection>/_layouts/15/ListEdit.aspx?List=<{GUID}>, and then press Enter.

Note In this address, <URL of affected site or site collection> represents the URL for the site collection in which you want to change the access requests (for example, And <{GUID}> represents the GUID that you copied in step 8.
On the Settings page, click Permissions for this list.
Make sure that the Owners group for the site is included in the list of permissions for the Access Requests list. If the Owners group for the site collection does not exist, click Grant Permissions, enter the name of the Owners group for the site in the Share dialog box, and then click Share.
Follow the steps in the “Add the user to the Owners group for the site” section to make sure that the user is included in the Owners group.

Click here for reference Site :

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